Sunday, June 26, 2011

First tomatoes, and other vegetable developments

After carefully observing green tomatoes for several weeks now, patiently waiting for them to turn red, I picked my first two ripe tomatoes this morning. They're heirloom tomatoes, which explains why they are not bright red. Nevertheless, they are ripe to the touch and smell delicious (wish I could share this sensory experience with you through the computer).

In the raised bed area of the garden, the zucchini plants are continuing their attempts--and succeeding--at dominating our garden.

Despite their large size, there are just a couple of zucchinis that look like this. I'm hoping for more to come soon.

Finally, the bell peppers and jalapenos are coming along slowly, but surely. There are currently three nice-looking jalapenos. Although they haven't begun cracking, I like to let them ripen on the plant for a while so they are super-hot!

Here's a picture of the two bell peppers that I have picked so far. The plants behind them have little pepper buds! Last year, some critters ate enjoyed these beautiful veggies, but I'm hoping that this year they stay away.

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  1. I am SO jealous! My tomatoes are as green as grass. Starting to think they are never going to change. Squash and cuccumbers are doing great though. Good luck on the rest of the growing season! - Martin